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This morning while sitting at a stoplight I observed a funny (to me) sight.  A woman was at a veterinarian office and went in with a baby carrier but no pet.  It made me giggle a little out loud thinking, is she at the wrong place, did she leave her pet at home and bring … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Dealing with death is never easy for anyone but it is especially hard for children to understand and cope with.  Or so I thought it would be!  Last week this time I was up mentally and emotionally preparing myself to say goodbye to my grandpa.  The quick version is He had been in the hospital … Continue reading

Poster Board Master Piece

As I sat here coloring my poster for an upcoming Open House I thought I need to share this little piece of master piece with all of you!  So here is the scenario – there is an event, school project or something you need a poster for and you don’t have the best drawing skills … Continue reading

Right out of her mouth!

So last night as we were watching TV with our girls, our oldest jumps up and says, “Mom, if anyone came in here and was hurting you and dad, do you know what I would do?”  Fully intrigued and a little worried I asked what.  She continued, ” I would hit them, and kick them, … Continue reading

I’m back

Sorry I was MIA for a week.  My daughter’s fingers got slammed in my van door last week which resulted in a trip to the ER, stitches and a broken middle finger.  A follow up visit with the Ortho Specialist referred us to another specialist which is a Peds specialist and so looks like she’ll … Continue reading