Mail Call!

I am so excited!  I signed up for a Birthday Girl Club last month and just sent out my first mailing today!

Basically you go to this blog – Marine Parents….. and sign up for the Love & Envelopes Birthday Girl Club.  Then once (or twice if you choose) a month you are sent a person to send a birthday card to.  These are female bloggers who have signed up for the club too.  You can send a store bought card, a handmade card or a package.  I chose to do a package.  And it cost me literally about $5 but it’s packed with candy, an orange peeler, a keychain, a smidget (Tupperware) and a little note along with my business card.  And I mailed it in an empty drink mix tube!  Yes you read that right a drink mix tube!  I wrapped it in pretty paper, slapped our addresses on it, took it right up to the post office and said i want to mail this.  He looked at it and without a pause said ok that’ll be $3.44!

I had read before where you can mail a lot of unusual things like a bouncy ball, flip flops, or how about a Frisbee?!  But yes you can!  You can mail all of these without even wrapping them or putting them in a box.   Oh and you can mail those big easter eggs stuffed with candy or whatever you can fit in there.  They just have to be taped closed so that they can’t fall open.  I even thought of mailing someone a helium filled balloon so when they open the box the balloon would float out!  That may be my next birthday mailing!

So what are you going to mail?


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