Crafty Mommas are the coolest!

I love doing crafts & making personalized things for my family & friends.  My 8yo thinks i’m the coolest Momma ever for the things like make & it makes my heart smile!!  You dont have to be a scrapbooker or have a membership to some kind of crafters club!  All you need is a computer and know how to search Google or Pinterest to find easy to follow instructions for personalized gifts.

Each year for birthdays or class parties for whatever holiday i usually try to make a card from the girls to the family or classmates.  i make their birthday party invitations and it actually cheaper then buying ones in the store even from the Dollar General!  Its really not all that difficult and not expensive at all to have personalized cards.  All you need is a digital camera or a computer to find images, some kind of  editing program like your basic paint shop program or even publisher will work.

Simply create your card in paint, publisher or whatever program you can find and submit it to your local 1 hour photo……..and there you go personalized cards.

Here are some that i have done in the past.  I do use Adobe Photoshop to create mine but you can use anything as long as you can save it as a jpg.

Sign up on the photo stores website because they always send out coupons for discounts and these cards look better printed on 5×7 but 4×6 works well too.


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