Posted in April 2012

Rainy Recipe Sunday

I love chicken salad but have found very few brands that i actually like.  Some are very garlicky tasting and some are just weird tasting.  So I thought since my chicken casserole recipe turned out pretty good I’ll try my hand in some chicken salad.  Which reminds me I need to post that recipe too! … Continue reading

Whats your D’oh Moment?

Don’t you hate it when you remember what you should have done after you’ve already done something and regret it?  I’m not talking about anything major but just the simple things that make you wanna smack your forehead D’oh! Like last night I was making dinner and my recipe only called for a 1/2 or … Continue reading

Crafty Mommas are the coolest!

I love doing crafts & making personalized things for my family & friends.  My 8yo thinks i’m the coolest Momma ever for the things like make & it makes my heart smile!!  You dont have to be a scrapbooker or have a membership to some kind of crafters club!  All you need is a computer … Continue reading

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

I try to come up with different things to fix for dinner that my children will eat, I mean you can only do so many things with hamburger meat or chicken that they will actually eat!  So the other night I was making pigs in a blanket and only had a few hotdogs to use … Continue reading