Right out of her mouth!

So last night as we were watching TV with our girls, our oldest jumps up and says, “Mom, if anyone came in here and was hurting you and dad, do you know what I would do?”  Fully intrigued and a little worried I asked what.  She continued, ” I would hit them, and kick them, and yell really loud, and bite them, and hit them, and kick them in the nuts.”  I quickly looked at my husband, he was trying his best to hide behind his phone and pretend he didn’t hear what she said, all while trying to not bust out laughing.  I then turned back to her and told her that was not a nice thing to do or say and she shouldn’t say that again, all while trying not to bust out laughing myself.  I asked her where she heard that and she replied the usually……TV.  We monitor what she & the 4 yo watches but you know can’t be everywhere all the time.  But i seriously doubt she heard it from Disney or Nick …… so I’m really wondering if it came from TV.  Maybe from school is more likely where it came from.  About the only thing she could get off of TV here would be the word stupid, and we are well aware it is an ugly word and shouldn’t be said about someone.

There are times when my husband & I are watching something and have to turn it because of what language is being used, thank goodness there are a few adult TV shows that don’t use cussing in them!  But there are just some places & people you just can’t sensor or turn the channel on……like the belligerent lady in the Walmart picture place!  Me & this lady bought went at it!  I have never heard anyone cuss so much when there were children standing less than a few feet from her.  At first I was thinking she would stop with saying the cuss word for poop, but then she dropped the f-bomb after apologizing once for her language……I nearly lost it!  My race got red and hot & I knew it was time to leave!  I grabbed my kids and went & stood outside because we weren’t done looking at our session.  The associate was very professional and did not lose her cool at all!  The woman was mad because when they cropped her sons picture, they cropped his ear a little and she apparently told the other associate not to zoom in so much because this would happen.  So she was legit to be upset but way off to be cussing in front of my children!

So what do you do when someone cusses in front of your children?  Do you ask them to stop or do you tell your children not to listen or ever repeat?


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