Thank Goodness For Answered Prayers

You will find that I will write about a vast array of things in this blog and there is no telling where my next post will come from.  But today it comes from the heart!  I got a call yesterday that my grandmother had to take my grandpa back to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing and sounded like fluid in his lungs.  Now my grandpa has to have dialysis and with that comes a higher risk of pneumonia.  He was just in the hospital a couple weeks ago with it and is now headed back for the same thing.  Then this morning I get a call from my mom that he’s in ICU & not doing well at all!  This made my stomach knot up and has worried me to no end this morning.  I’ve been watching the clock just waiting for that dreaded phone call that no one wants to get!  I’ve thought about posting it on Facebook and asking for my friends to pray for me…..but something kept me from doing it.  And now i get a text from my mom that he’s doing much better and going to be leaving ICU!  Thank you Lord!  I haven’t had to deal with the death of a close family member since 1995, and i just wasn’t ready today!  I know you are never truly ready to deal with death but I really wasn’t ready.  And apparently he wasn’t ready to go just yet!

Honestly my biggest fear is explaining it to my daughters…… do you explain death to a 4yr old & an 8 yr old.  I know the 8yo would understand better than the 4yo but that is a conversation I am dreading more than anything!  My girls love him and ask about him and he loves them so!  Any pointers on this are appreciated!

So anyway, thank goodness for answered prayers & my husband for praying fiercely today!




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