Posted in February 2012

Right out of her mouth!

So last night as we were watching TV with our girls, our oldest jumps up and says, “Mom, if anyone came in here and was hurting you and dad, do you know what I would do?”  Fully intrigued and a little worried I asked what.  She continued, ” I would hit them, and kick them, … Continue reading


Thank Goodness For Answered Prayers

You will find that I will write about a vast array of things in this blog and there is no telling where my next post will come from.  But today it comes from the heart!  I got a call yesterday that my grandmother had to take my grandpa back to the hospital because he was … Continue reading


Mommy When’s It Gonna Snow?

My 4 yr old loves the snow so much she asked Santa for snow boots for Christmas!  And do you think she has gotten to use them?  Well technically not for snow but they make an awesome fashion statement with the right tutu!  We dont get snow around here like we used to!  I remember … Continue reading