My Princesses need a Tutu!

What is a princess without a tutu?  Well she is still a princess but the tutu just adds to the level of cuteness that ooze from my girls!  So i’m back to Pinterest and come across how to make a tutu!  I’ve been seeing all these photos with babies in tutus and they are just so darn cute I had to make one.  And low and behold, it is easy…..can you tie a knot?  Then you can make a tutu!  There are several different approaches to it but I think the easiest for someone who doesn’t sew would be to buy the elastic headbands and use those for your toddler or even school ager.  I chose to use elastic, cut & sew it togethter at the right size then loop my tulle.  I added some cork screw bows and Ta-da………….

This is the second one i did…………….

And i even did one for myself that i cannot reveil.  It will be debuted at our Relay For Life Kickoff party next week & I’m sure some photos will surface!

Idea & instructions here –



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