Wedding Gifts

So this was my sister & her husbands first Christmas as a married couple & I wanted to get them a gift that was a family gift.  Something that would go well in their home & something that could be kept around….so I came up with the name art.  I’m sure you’ve seen the pics that are taken or cropped to look like letters.  Well there is a whole site that has differnt shaped, colored, fonts of letters –  and they are free to download.

So I chose 2 photos from their recent photos, one was from their wedding

and the other was from a recent family photo session they had done.

Then the task of choosing the letters.  It was really hard choosing those letters but eventually after spending a couple hours on the first two letters i finally just picked a random page and made myself choose a letter off of that page.

I meshed them together in photoshop, did a little fancy erasing, blending & then turned the whole thing black & white.   I had the photo printed at Walgreens, 8×10.  Then I framed it in a nice black frame that had a nice double matting which i bought at walmart for an inexpensive price.

And this is the finished product – without the frame.


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