Must Organize Hair Accessories

If you have little girls that like scrunchies and headbands then you know the problem of finding where to store them or how to store them………..well look no more i have a few ideas up my sleeves!

May I introduce to you the Headband/Scrunchy holder

Yes i know it looks like a Oatmeal Canister…………well it is……

But with a hot glue gun, some fabric, and some ribbon now look at it……

So here is what you need


Empty Oatmeal Canister

Scrap fabric – scrapbook paper may work but with it having a slick surface all your headbands may slip to the bottom

Hot Glue Gun & extra glue sticks


1. Measure your oatmeal canister height, and cut your fabric about a 1/4 inch more than that.  Mine was 9 1/2 inches so I cute it to 9 3/4 inches.

2. You can cut your fabric to fit the circumference of your canister with a little overlapping.  Mine just happened to be almost an inch in overlapping.

3. Line your fabric up to the lip of your canister and begin hot gluing your fabric to the canister keeping it flush with the lip.

4. Once your fabric is glued around the canister flip the canister over so the bottom is up.  Fold over & glue the extra fabric on the bottom of the canister.

5. Place your ribbon flush to the top of your canister and begin gluing the ribbon around the canister.  You can do as many rows as you like on your canister, be creative.

6. Wrap your headbands on the outside and throw your scrunchies inside and Ta-Da, cute storage you won’t mind leaving out on the countertop!


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