My name is Gina, my neice started calling me GiGi when she was little so I’m Aunt GiGi and this is GiGi Designing.

This blog is all about designing!  From digital designs on the computer, to handmade designs held together with a glue stick!  I am a self taught web designer and a crafter at heart!  In 2007 my sister-in-law, who owns a design/media firm took on a big client that required a lot of attention to their needs.  I had been wanting to find another job which didn’t require me to work so many hours but was still financially rewarding.  And so began my journey into the world of web design.  With guidance and trust from her I was released into the designing world.  I created my 1st website by myself the 1st month i was there.  And now I’ve ventured out on my own and have started soliciting for my own clients.  I haven’t been hardcore pursuing but taking what has come my way.  I have had some referrals and a lot of non-profit work.  And it has been very rewarding.  I am the publicity chair for Relay For Life in Davidson County which has fed my need to design & my creativity!  I design a large portion of the flyers that you see splattered across our county’s website & facebook page!  I thoroughly enjoy the friends I have made and the opportunities it has presented!

Recently I have discovered Pinterest.  If any of you have stumbled across it or been invited and have been sucked into the Pinterest community then you know what I mean when I say it is addicting!  I absolutly love it but find myself spending way too much time on there looking at all the crafts & designs I want to do.

I have recently began making some of these crafts that i come across on Pinterest and have given some as gifts.  They are a big hit!  So i’m going to start blogging about the crafts I create and share them with you.  I hope you enjoy these as much as i have making them!  And maybe it will inspire you to get out your glue gun, modge podge or glue stick and get to Pinning.  And i’ll probably throw in a couple blogs here and there about whatever is on my mind at the time.

Oh yeah, and I am a Tupperware Independent Consultant. we have some great organizational pieces for your pantry, kitchen, crafts, bathrooms and much more!


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